Donate to our library!

We have a beautiful library that was built specifically for our center by local makers Bob Sanders and Grace Simpson. We also have 85 books already, most of which were donated by members of our community!

We still have a lot of room to fill with books by queer authors and books with queer content, both fiction and nonfiction. If you have books you would like to donate, you can drop them off at 1100 Truman Avenue between 10am and 4pm Monday through Friday. If you would like to donate a new book from the wishlist curated by our friend Faith, you can click here:

Thanks to our volunteer Phil, our current library is now catalogued online. You can see our available titles, sign up for an account, and even checkout books! See what we have available here:

We can’t wait til we run out of shelf space.

Love is love. Community is everything. Don’t ban books.

The Queer Keys LGBTQIA+ Community Center is now open

We had our soft opening on Monday, June 3 with a treasure trove of the island community stopping by to check out our beautiful space and to share their ideas for how it can be utilized.

1100 Truman Avenue is officially Key West's LGBTQIA+ Community Center. It will take some time to get regular hours posted, a schedule of programs and groups in place, and our library filled out, but...

Stop in for a cup of coffee, tea, or water

Utilize our wifi to get some work done

Check out our resource center and bring information in to share with the community

Post your event on our community bulletin board

Snag a book from the shelf and dive into the world of queerness

Take a moment to honor a queer luminary from the past at our wall of ancestors

Snag a condom or a menstrual product



Queer Keys voted Best Nonprofit Key West in OUTSFL Your Choice Awards 2023!

Thank you to everyone who voted in OUTSFL's Your Choice Awards 2023 for voting Queer Keys Best Nonprofit Key West!

This recognition means so much to us as we continue to grow and expand our work, and it helps us to reach new supporters throughout south Florida. We were up against several well-established organizations that are doing really important work, so we’re having a little Sally Field moment right now. “You like us, you really like us!”

Read the full article HERE

Love is love. Community is everything.

What is Queer Keys?

Queer Keys is an LGBTQ+ community organization based in Key West, Florida. Our mission is to support, educate, empower, and celebrate the queer community in the Florida Keys.

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We currently offer three regular programs

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