'One human family': Group set to open the Florida Keys’ only LGBTQ+ community center

by Julia Cooper of WLRN

Published 03/21/2024

Long hailed as one of the country’s most LGBTQ+ friendly destinations, Key West hasn’t had a true queer-focused, resource-based community center in over a decade. Until now.

The non-profit group Queer Keys is gearing up to open the island chain’s only LGBTQ+ support community center. Read more...

Queer Keys Nonprofit to Receive Statewide Recognition

by Gwen Filosa of Keys Weekly

Published 02/22/2024

Equality Florida, the statewide civil rights organization that fights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, will honor a group of local activists at an event in Key West on Friday, Feb. 23.

Queer Keys, founded in 2021 to support and unite the region’s LGBTQ community, deserves the spotlight at this year’s Equality Florida Key West celebration, the statewide nonprofit said. Read more...

Queer Keys Raises $26,000 at 2nd Annual 'Coming Out' Party

by Mandy Miles of Keys Weekly

Published 06/30/2023

“Love is love; community is everything.”

Such is the motto of Queer Keys, one of Key West’s newer nonprofit organizations that has made a colorful and impactful splash in its first two years.

Its mission is to “support, educate, empower and celebrate the queer community in the Florida Keys,” while its vision is to “see the Florida Keys become a safe, supportive and celebratory island chain for all people.” Read more...

Drag Performers Urge Officials to Affirm Key West as a 'Welcoming City' 

by Mandy Miles of Keys Weekly

Published 06/09/2023

[Queer Keys board member Puddin' Taine speaks up at Key West City Commission meeting]

Ya gotta love Key West, where four local drag performers spoke at the June 8 Key West city commission meeting, encouraging officials to approve a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Jimmy Weekley that affirmed Key West as a “welcoming city” for all. Read more...

Key West Sends Colorful Message to State Politicians

by The Weekly Staff

Published 04/05/2023

An estimated 200 demonstrators filled Bayview Park and lined the surrounding streets on March 25 to Rally for Our Rights.

The nonprofit Queer Keys organized the rally, where the Key West Business Guild orchestrated a letter-writing campaign to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and U.S. Rep. Carlos Gimenez. Read more...

In Pictures: Queer Keys Nonprofit is out and proud

by Mandy Miles of Keys Weekly

Published 07/01/2022

Key West is no stranger to coming-out stories, parties or fundraisers. So a coming-out party AND fundraiser for the nonprofit Queer Keys was a perfect fit on June 26. Read more...

Queer Keys celebrates community with "friendraiser"

by Kevin Assam of Key West Florida Weekly

Published 06/16/2022

One of Key West’s newest nonprofits, Queer Keys, is serving up a Coming Out Party that will formally introduce the group to the historically LGBTQ+ community. The fundraiser takes place at Key West Theater on Sunday, June 26, during the month of Pride and features musical and comedic performances by acts including popular local band 3Sum, drag queen Puddin’ Taine and reporter and comic Gwen Filosa. Read more...

'Still work to be done.' Key West's Pride has the parties, but also another purpose

by Mandy Miles of Keys Weekly

Published 06/13/2022

A question must be asked before it can be answered. And answers aren’t always easy or obvious, but the nonprofit group Queer Keys, which launched in August 2021, wants teens to have the courage to ask questions, about themselves and the world around them, in a safe and inclusive space. Read more...

In Pictures: Queer Keys Nonprofit is out and proud

by Gwen Filosa of FLKeysNews

Published 06/02/2022

In Key West, the rainbow-painted crosswalks on a block of Duval Street aren’t the only places in the city decked out for this year’s Pride, a celebration of the LGBTQ community. Read more...

Free to be: Queer Keys Unlocks Support for LGBTQ Youth

by Reda Wigle of Keys Weekly

Published 10/20/2021

At the dawn of the new millennium, the city of Key West adopted the inclusive, equitable slogan “One Human Family” as its official philosophy. Now, Janiece Rodriguez and Chris McNulty are putting that philosophy into much-needed practice with the formation of their LGBTQIA+ youth group, Queer Keys. Read more...