Queer Keys is committed to supporting transgender, nonbinary, gender fluid, two-spirit, gender nonconforming, and all other queer siblings that exist under the trans umbrella. 

We have formalized our financial support for folks seeking gender-affirming care and services with our Trans Trust Fund. 

It is incredibly difficult to find gender-affirming care in Key West for many reasons, including our small medical professional community and limited medical resources. Trans folks face many hurdles to accessing care, including discrimination in the medical community, economic barriers due to workplace and housing discrimination, and a continuous barrage of legislative attacks across the country - very notably in Florida.

The Trans Trust Fund is composed of 4 avenues of support:

Laser Hair Removal Assistance

Hormone Replacement Therapy Assistance

Surgery Assistance

Financial Assistance

With so many barriers already in place for trans folks, we have made our applications for assistance very simple. 

If you would like to access support, please fill out an application for the assistance you need. 

Applications for assistance are limited to two per person per year.

You can support our Trans Trust Fund directly by making a donation below.

Love is love. Community is everything.